My name is Lohit Dev Petikam. I'm a research scientist at Microsoft Research in Cambridge UK.

I did my PhD in computer graphics at CMIC, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. I've worked at 8i, Weta Digital, and OLM Digital (PokΓ©mon animation studio in Tokyo - ζ—₯本θͺžγ‚’少し話せます).

I have published novel 3D graphics workflows that solve industry problems in artistic editing and stylised rendering.

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Shading Rig

Shading Rig is a new framework for art-directing dynamic 3D toon shading. It lets artists add illustrative details and animate how they respond to lighting changes in real time.

Now stylised 3D characters can always look "on-model" in games, animation, and virtual production.



🚧 The rest of the site is under construction. For now, see Github, YouTube, and Instagram.